Why Become Certified

The Ethical Sourcing Benefit

Meet and Exceed Stakeholder Demands
We live in a “prosumer” world. Consumers utilize their stake in the market to advocate for safer, better quality products and to dictate how those products are made. Scandals connected to forced labor, child labor, pollution, and lack of corporate transparency directly impact the choices consumers make, which create a ripple effect throughout the supply chain. The ESS effectively reduces these negative risks by addressing each of the above issues.

One Unified Standard: Companies benefit from a single, comprehensive standard. The ESS provides a minimum standard that encompasses local and national law, as well as the International Labor Organization Convention laws and international treaties, bringing businesses in accordance with the complex ethical standards already in existence. The revised standard will be accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and is in the benchmarking process with the Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP)-Level 3 only.