Become an Ethical Sourcing Auditor

Become an ES Auditor

Your status as an auditor makes you instantly recognizable to clients and peers alike for your advanced knowledge of ethical processing practices throughout the global supply chain.

Auditors must be registered by SQFI to conduct or review audits on behalf of a licensed SQFI Ethical Sourcing (ES) Certification Body. ES Auditors collect objective evidence to evaluate if a site’s systems are in compliance with the SQFI ES Program. After the audit is completed, the Certification Body’s technical reviewer will check the audit results and recommendations to determine if an ES certificate should be granted.

Auditors and Technical Reviewers must either work for a licensed SQFI ES Certification Body as an employee or a subcontractor.

Aspiring ES Auditors must submit an application with a registration fee prior to submitting their credentials.

ES Auditor Application Fees:
Registration Category Application Fee Registration Fee Total Fee
Auditor – Certification Body
$115.00 $155.00 $270.00
Auditor – Contract $115.00 $400.00 $515.00
Auditor – Certification Body
Employee Re-registration
$0.00 $175.00 $175.00
Auditor – Contract
$0.00 $500.00 $500.00
Auditor – CB or Contract
Auditor Category Upgrade
$0.00 $100.00 flat fee $100.00 flat fee


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