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Who Should Be Involved?

Buyers, suppliers, and subcontractors from all industries should adopt the Ethical Sourcing Standard. In doing so, buyers appeal to the growing consumer base demanding increased social responsibility and a reduced environmental footprint. Suppliers boast documentation proving a high level of commitment to ethical business practices that outshines competitors. Subcontractors reduce the odds of a negative impact to a supplier’s reputation.

Getting Certified
The Safe Quality Food Institute Ethical Sourcing (ES) Standard, 2nd Edition and the Fundamental Factors for Social Responsibility (F2SR) standards outline the requirements for a sourcing organization or supplier at any stage of the supply chain (primary production, manufacture, processing, transport, storage, distribution, retailing or services) to become certified. The broad auditable requirements that must be met by the organization to achieve certification are presented in the Requirements section of the Standards. Read more about how to become certified in Ethical Sourcing 2.1 and F2SR by reading the ES Codes here.

Once you read up on the code, register for the Ethical Sourcing Database in our registration area here. Site registration is an annual fee with SQFI and is 250.00 USD.

Information for Certification Bodies
Not only must ES and F2SR certified suppliers meet the demanding standards of the program, but licensed ES and F2SR Certification Bodies must also follow rigorous policy requirements, including attaining international accreditation.

ES and F2SR certificates provide a verifiable paper trail ensuring that the supplier has the processes in place and has implemented all applicable guidelines for effectively upholding ethical and transparent food production processes.

Become an ES Professional
Every ES and F2SR professional benefits from being associated with certification system recognized for its leading-edge ethical food processing standards. Your status as an ES and/or F2SR auditor, consultant or trainer makes you instantly recognizable to clients and peers alike for your advanced knowledge of ethical processing practices.

To make the application process as efficient as possible, first review the criteria documents for becoming an ES and/or F2SR auditor, consultant, or trainer to understand the kind of information the Professional Review Panel will be assessing when making their decision.

To save time, potential ES Professionals should have the following support documents ready to upload:

  • Audit or Training logs
  • Professional development records
  • Certificates

The personal details section must be completed before continuing with the online application process otherwise applicants will have to re-start from the beginning, upon returning to the online application.

After starting the application process, applicants will have up to 14 days to upload any supporting documentation. To expedite the application process, applicants should plan to upload all supporting documents immediately after finishing the personal details section.

A non-refundable application fee must be paid before registration can begin. Once an application is approved, applicants will be responsible for paying a registration fee before their SQF Professional credentials can be issued. Applicable amounts for fees can be found in our Professional Fee Structure.

Get started with your SQF Professional application checklistContact us if you have difficulty completing or submitting the application online.

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