SQF Ethical Sourcing 2.1

Your stakeholders are showing more and more interest in knowing where their food comes from. They’ve outfitted themselves with knowledge and are making more informed choices. You want to make sure your products can rise to their standards!

Now you must prove to them that you have the checks and balances in place to provide them with ethically sourced products.

With the SQFI Ethical Sourcing Standard, Edition 2.1 (ES 2.1), you can show your customers your commitment to ethical practices.

The SQFI Ethical Sourcing Standard, Edition 2.1 focuses is a tiered Certification Program that focus on 4 key areas of ethical and social responsibility:

  • Social Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Monitoring and Management Review


Benefits of Ethical Sourcing Certification:
  • Protects the Brand and Image of Global Supply Chains
  • Reduces risks in developing countries
  • Rigorous, with checks and balances at all levels of production

Please Note: The ES 2.1 is not designed to replace other, more extensive standards and standards, including those that are implemented as part of a company’s internal policy. The standard is limited to social and environmental corporate responsibility and does not include other practices which may be deemed unethical, such as the treatment and handling of animals.

Download SQFI Ethical Sourcing Code to Get Started:

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Translated Ethical Sourcing 2.1

Ethical Sourcing 2.1 – Chinese
Ethical Sourcing 2.1 – Japanese
Ethical Sourcing 2.1 – Spanish