Ethical Sourcing Standard

What is SQFI Ethical Sourcing Edition 2.1?

The Ethical Sourcing Standard for food harvesting and manufacturing is a tiered certification program that provides a set of benchmarks demonstrating an organization’s commitment to ethical conduct in the following areas:

Social Management
Social management programs under the ESS safeguard against discrimination and harassment in the workplace, promote transparent and lawful wage practices and advocate fair labor practices that are non-exploitative and free of forced labor.

Environmental Management
Energy consumption, water use, waste management and pollution prevention are critical to ethical business practices. The ESS addresses these issues, as well as occupational health and safety, regulatory compliance, equipment maintenance and incident management to verify safe working conditions and reduce negative environmental impacts.

Monitoring and Management Review
This critical component of the ESS includes internal audits, monitoring, recordkeeping and management review. Here, corrective and preventative action takes place and employee concerns are addressed by senior company officials.

Flexible, Three-tier Certification
The ESS allows for flexible, three-tier certification options, each with a growing demonstration of the Ethical Sourcing Standard’s provisions. Companies can choose the level of certification to pursue and are awarded certification upon successful completion of their audit.

Please Note: The ESS is not designed to replace other, more extensive standards and standards, including those that are implemented as part of a company’s internal policy. The standard is limited to social and environmental corporate responsibility and does not include other practices which may be deemed unethical, such as the treatment and handling of animals.

What is SQFI Fundamental Factors for Social Responsibility?

Like ES 2.1, F2SR provides a set of benchmarks demonstrating an organization’s commitment to ethical conduct in social, OH&S and business practices, with the option to include environmental management in the assessment.

Ethical Sourcing Certified Suppliers

HP Hood LLC – 8340 Belvedere Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95826
Arylessence, Inc. – 1091 Lake Drive, Marietta, GA 30066
Musco Family Olive Company – 17950 Via Nicolo Road, Tracy, CA 95377